Do you wanna build a snowman?

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I love this very much. May this end up tattooed somewhere on the road between my heart & brain.

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My new favorite quote from the Prince in Mirror, Mirror

  • Snow White: I've read so many stories where the prince saves the princess in the end.
  • Prince Andrew: Open the door. Open the door, Snow.
  • Snow White: I think it's time we changed that ending.
  • Prince Andrew: No, no, no, Snow. You're trying to mess with tried and true storytelling. It's been focus-grouped and it works. Just let me save you, please!
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Mirror Mirror (2012)

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omg. he’s so cute, i die..<3

omg. he’s so cute, i die..<3

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In our society today girls feel that they need to be skinny in order to find love.  Fact is, your true love is gonna love you no matter what.  If he cares about the size of your thighs more then the size of your heart…drop him my darlings as no man should make you feel bad about your size if he truly loves you <3

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