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Just random thoughts:

-I do like Jakara. I love Brett Davern and me.

-Bates Motel, I really like that right now.

-Glee has been so freaking amazing lately and I have never loved Finchel more.

-sadly, I have been a bad fangirl and not watched a lot of OUAT. I shame myself for this.

-I freaking looooooooove Mavel Super Heroes now. I fangirl so hard it’s not even funny.

-on that note, Iron Man is my fave…… Captain America is my second fave.

-I haven’t seen much of Peeta Hutcherson lately, and it makes my tiny fangirl heart sad.

-but I still love Darren Criss more that freaking life and he sings like a god and I want to marry and let him sing to me for the rest of our lives…. I fangirl hard over him. Clearly.

-Criminal Minds, still awesome and I love MGG so. much.

-Oh. My. God. Girl Meets World. I haven’t been this excited for a series to start since OUAT. The end.

And that is a bunch of random thoughts. Toodles.

*wipes drool away* 

*wipes drool away* 

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I love:


Criminal Minds


Once Upon a Time



THE HUNGER GAMES.. and the trilogy.




Other girly things. I am a bit quirky:)

And Matthew Gray Gubler.. cause who doesn’t??



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We could win.

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i just really want to touch his hair.

it looks extremely soft.


i reallllly love him

a lot… 

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“For Peeta plus Katniss equaling… Peeniss!”

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